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Shresta Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

About Ourselves

Shresta Seeds Pvt. Ltd.テつis a one-stop destination for getting superior quality Hybrid Seeds. Based in Karnataka, our company has been serving customers all over India with personal attention and wide distribution network.

Shresta Seeds is research-based company which produces innovative products for farmers and consumers. We intend to use our technology and extensive germplasm base to provide our clients with better adapted varieties which serves clientテ「冱 needs, not only for the present but also in future. It is our responsibility to put more emphasis not only on crop yield but also on disease and pest tolerance along with efforts on breeding for nutritional supremacy. At the same time, we do make concerted efforts not forget the needs of the trade such as shelf life and transportability. We will simultaneously continue to improve the traits like taste, aroma, sweetness, flavour, nutrition etc. for the end users.

Our Visionテつ
We wish to be the leading name by offering the best quality products to the buyers. Thatテ「冱 why, our products are being manufactured by a dedicated team of professional breeders to satisfy the traders and customers.

It is our goal to introduce disease and pest resistance, nutritional contents having vitamins, proteins and other useful minerals in our new varieties of crops. Breeding and Multi location trial have been added in different regions to develop adaptable, high quality hybrids coupled with extraordinary yields.

Our Infrastructure
We pride ourselves at having a wide spread infrastructure fully endowed with ultramodern technologies and latest mechanism that helps us fulfill various demands of our customers effectively and efficiently. To increase productivity we have segregated our infrastructure in various departments some of them are as follows :
Shresta Seeds Pvt. Ltd.テつis a well establishedテつBreeder, Producer and Supplier of vegetable seeds as well as field crops. Our superior quality has backing of years of experience of our breeders, producers, and marketing team. We are also actively involved in online sales of seeds directly to farmers to bring down the operative/distribution costs. We also offer tailor made customer services under our consultancy (www.agriprojectsconsultants.com). We are established breeders, producers of tomato, egg plant, chillies/hot pepper, capsicum/bell pepper, all gourds/cucurbits, melons, okra/bhendi, onions,, radish, beans, leafy radish, spinach Hybrid Melon Seeds, Hybrid Watermelon Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Hybrid Okra Seeds, Bush Beans, Yard Long Beans and many more. We have also introduced protein rich paddy (protein 14%) which helps inテつenhancement of health, blood sugar management.Production unit
  • Quality control
  • Testing
  • Marketing unit
  • Customer care

Warehousing and Packagingテつ
We have large and spacious warehouse where all the products to be supplied are stored. We ensure hygiene and cleanliness maintained at all the time. Our storage facility is airy, dry and fully equipped. Apart from this, we take extra care while packing. Our packaging is durable and protects products from spilling or being damaged.


Name of CEO Mr. Anil Patil
Nature of Business Breeder, Producer & Supplier